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Our specialization — development of the complex automated systems of ecological and radiation monitoring
Automated radiation
monitoring system
Individual radiation
monitoring system
Environmental radiation monitoring system
Radioactive primary-to-secondary leak monitoring equipment
Controllability and reliability
Individual dosimetric
monitoring devices
Individual dosimetric
monitoring devices
Data processing &
transmission units,
UKD monitoring devices
Individual dosimetric
monitoring devices
Industrial radiation
control installations
Alpha, beta and
gamma radiation
Equipment design & development
Our systems are built on values of reliability, accurate performance and usability. Integrated development of all elements of the system at the technical and program levels is carried out on a case by case basis. We do not lose sight of the know-how and advanced developments.

At the same time, reliability and efficiency are enduring values - and great practical experience allows us to identify and then use the best, time-tested practices in the industry.
Assembly, testing and verification
The installation of the system is carried out by coordinated actions of our engineers, mechanics and technical specialists. Immediately after the delivery of equipment, they will ensure its unpacking, correct assembly and connection to existing systems. The commissioning also includes calibration and testing to ensure adequate operation.
Maintenance and repair
The automated radiation monitoring system is a complex software and hardware complex designed to operate under specific operating conditions, including stringent climatic requirements – for example, location in the open air in tropical climate under extreme humidity.

To guarantee the high-quality operation of the system, we ensure proper technical support and constant communication with engineering services of our customers. In the event of malfunctions, our specialists will arrive at the site to eliminate them.
Industrial consulting
Knowledge of the market, awareness of advanced developments and long-term relationships with key players in the industry – enable DB Promengineering to act not only as a developer and supplier of ready-made integrated systems, but also as a competent consultant.
Analysis of technical means, electronic components, equipment and systems
The starting point for developing an effective integrated system is to study the existing local structure of systems and equipment. Careful analysis allows us to identify potential problem nodes, thus to prepare solutions for the optimal implementation of the system.
Training and professional development programmes
Our team is ready to provide our customer with individual professional development programmes, specifically designed both to enhance knowledge and skills in the field of operating and handling our systems, and to introduce major conceptual issues and fine points of evolution of control systems' design.
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