DB "Promengineering"

Engineering company is successfully implementing manufacturing automation projects in Russian and overseas
Core principles

DB Promengineering discharge activities in the field of development of complex final solutions that take into account all the special aspects of the facilities for which they are designed.

Our company carries out design, development, supply, installation and servicing of industrial systems and equipment for them. Promengineering independently performs all the stages: from the development of hardware and software basic design to the commissioning, warranty service and designer supervision.

All projects are executed in close cooperation with design institutes and supervisory bodies

DB "Promengineering" offers full-cycle engineering services
from design to commissioning
Software Development
Delivery of equipment
and setup
Designed individually,
that means all of our systems are created for the needs of the customer, taking into account the specifics of each project
Best world practices level software, created by our specialist in collaboration with top programming-specialized institutes
When developing systems, we rely on a wide range of our own certified equipment, as well as equipment from leading international producers
Our equipment undergoes strict testing and validation at DB "Promengineering" facilities and then at contractor
Guaranteed quality and control due to the fact that our specialists install and adapt all the equipment on-site and coach the NPP personnel


We provide our services and supply equipment for the government and companies from various sectors.
Atomic Energy
Development and delivery of automated process control systems for upper and lower levels of Nuclear Power Plant: ARMS, AIDMS, RSAMS, ERMS and others
Energy Production
Development and delivery of the protected computer complexes and factory automation systems for electric power industry, extraction of raw materials and oil refining
Project and design advice in installation of objects that assume the existence of radiation monitoring systems. Provision of (working) personnel with individual dosimetric meters
Design and layout of a computing machines with protection from electromagnetic emanation and unauthorized access. Development of application software and system software
Radiation monitoring of premises during the placement and maintenance of installations with radiation sources: computed tomography scanners and magnetic resonance therapy machines
Security & Control
1. Control in the field of civil defense, protection of the population from emergencies of natural and technogenic nature.
2. Radiation monitoring of specialized facilities.
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